ArtUniverse is the bridge and the mediator between creative ideas and their competent realization, bright endeavors and possibilities. 

Fields of Activitysupport to professional artists of various art forms – theatre, dance, visual art, film, music and multimedia; 
support to international creative initiatives and international collaboration projects; fundraising activity – collaboration with sponsors, foundations, grants, patrons and donors. 

We believe that contemporary performing arts scene needs talents, constant dynamics, mobility and new artistic experiences beyond the borders. 

ArtUniverse Scholarship programme supports professional artists from different countries and diverse art forms. ArtUniverse aim to help highly motivated and outstanding creative minds to overcome challenges in their artistic careers and to help them open bridges to new possibilities - professional network and collaboration 

Are you a performer looking for support to participate in a training course, exchange, international festival or co-production? 

Are you looking for funding to develop your performing arts project, research, creative initiative or organization? 
Learn more about international mobility schemes, grants, foundations, artist-in-residence programs and alternative sources of funding for artists - check our regularly updated list of funding resources, opportunities and useful links.