ArtUniverse is an arts agency created in 2006 in Great Britain. 

ArtUniverse is working in the field of arts and culture at the international level and collaborating both with individual artists and with organizations. 

ArtUniverse is the bridge and the mediator between creative ideas and their competent realization, bright endeavors and building up of possibilities. 

The mission of ArtUniverse is to develop transnational cultural collaboration and exchange between arts and culture workers, to strengthen international cultural links through artistic expression and to assist artists in development of projects of high professional level and significant artistic and sociocultural value. 

We believe in creativity, innovation and potential of the contemporary international performing arts scene

ArtUniverse has been contributing to organizing the new sources for artistic inspiration, advancement of professional careers, partnerships and networking, stepping into new markets and expanding audiences. 

Field of Activity:

• Support to professional artists of various art forms – theatre, dance, visual art, film, music, multimedia, etc. 

• Support to international creative initiatives and international collaboration projects. 

• Fundraising activity – collaboration with sponsors, foundations, grants, patrons and donors. 

We are glad to share our experience and are open to collaboration! 

Skype: artuniverse