About ArtUniverse Scholarships

We believe that the contemporary performing arts scene needs talents, constant dynamics, mobility and new artistic experiences beyond the borders. 

ArtUniverse International Scholarship Programme supports professional artists from different countries and diverse art forms and techniques - theatre, dance, music, circus, visual and multimedia art. 

In close collaboration with NIPAI, ArtUniverse has supported over 1500 international performers, practically from all continents, both emerging artists and established practising performers and teachers.

Through its scholarship scheme ArtUniverse aims to help highly motivated and outstanding creative minds to overcome challenges in their artistic careers and to help them open bridges to new possibilities - new professional network opportunities and transnational collaboration. 

Scholarship Categories

At the present moment ArtUniverse is offering a scholarship in five categories:
  • for dancers and choreographers
  • for actors of physical theatre and circus performers 
  • for theatre directors
  • for arts administrators 
  • for film and video makers
ArtUniverse offers partial fee waiver scholarships and full scholarships. 
Depending on the programme the amount of each scholarship award varies. 

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

ArtUniverse Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. The applications are considered on the basis of the candidates' background and previous achievements, individual experience, qualifications, as well as professional skills, communication and creativity shown during the application process. Priority is given to those candidates who are able to show their reliability, the potential for professional development and clear motivation to participate in contemporary performing arts processes at the international level.

Financial aid is granted on the basis of demonstrated efforts in personal fund-raising. 

Scholarship Obligations
  • All candidates who receive the ArtUniverse Scholarship should confirm the acceptance of the scholarship in written form. 

  • If a candidate, who confirmed the acceptance of the scholarship, cancels his/her participation in the supported program, he/she may lose further eligibility for ArtUniverse support schemes in the future.

  • All candidates who received ArtUniverse Scholarship are supposed to attend the whole programme of the supported project: from the first day to the project-end date. 
Application procedure

To apply for ArtUniverse Scholarship, candidates should send the following documents to artuniverseagency@gmail.com
  • Letter of motivation stating the title and dates of the programme - scholarship application essay/personal statement. Applicants should demonstrate strong motivations and clearly describe the reasons why they should be considered eligible for the scholarship and how this will contribute to their professional development.
  • A detailed CV describing all specific practical skills and abilities.
  • Evidence of age - scanned passport copy or identity card.
  • Latest headshot and 2-3 additional photos.
  • Any additional material describing the professional experience: web links to past projects and performances, photo, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc. 
    Applicants may also include the details of any other scholarships or awards they hold or have held.
The application procedure may vary in individual cases. 

Due to a limited number of scholarships and a large number of applications, an application may be put on a waiting list.

ArtUniverse is actively working to promote more scholarships and support opportunities, so please revisit this page for further updates. We also encourage you to research additional support opportunities (see suggested links).

For questions, please contact us: 


Skype: artuniverse