Arts management 1 year

Arts Management Certificate Program

1 year, Blended

Arts manager occupies the most important position on any project. From the very beginning to the very end, they keep the show going. 

At the course, you will explore every aspect of theatre arts management and polish your technical expertise in theatre and live entertainment. 

This program will be suitable for students of all backgrounds!

This program is perfect for aspiring creative leaders looking to gain hands-on education in the craft and business. It was developed for students with little or no experience in management and producing.

What are the Arts manager’s responsibilities?

They develop the material, hire the writers, and find the buyers and financiers. They oversee performance development, castings, hiring of the crew, locations, distribution, festivals, and so much more. Ultimately, the arts manager, who is the producer too, is the most involved with a project through every phase (from pre-production to production and post-production).


The key learning objectives of the program focus on theoretical and practical tasks to help students explore:


  • how to organize international art events, productions, meetings, festivals, exhibitions;
  • how to establish contacts and work productively with team, with colleagues, possible partners and stakeholders;
  • what should a manager know about art, creative industry and its legal aspects;
  • pre-production, production and postproduction of performance, film, show etc.

The core of every program in NIPAI is learning by doing!

Every student of Arts Management Certificate Course should complete their own Study Project working with professional crew and implement
gained knowledge in professional settings.

Career opportunities of arts management specialists are impressive. You will be able to work in:


Director / Manager of Marketing
Publicist / Public Relations Coordinator
Sales / Marketing Coordinator


Artistic Manager / Coordinator
Production Developer / Manager
Stage Manager / Technical Director


Director / Manager of HR
Director / Manager of Volunteers
HR Coordinator


Development Coordinator
Director / Manager of Fundraising
Special Events Coordinator


Facilities Manager


Administrative Assistant
Director / Manager of Administrative
Office Manager / Administrator

What are you going to learn?

From the first day of class, students are immersed in hands-on education. They learn both the creative aspects of management, as well as the technical, line producing side. All students participate in intensive classes, hand-on workshops and distant sessions.


   Professional growth
   Up-to-date knowledge
   First-hand experience
   Individual approach
   Emphasis on practical learning
  Unique method

Our teachers are accomplished and working professionals who come from unique backgrounds and experiences. They are directors, scenographers, stage designers and choreographers who have worked on dozens of international theatre projects. They all dedicated many years to the exploration of performing arts, and have become true professional experts in the field.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive NIPAI Certificate of Completion.

We are proud of our students from all around the world!*

Feedback from our students:

“The program was an eyes-opening experience, I have gained new ideas about performance
and how to create it, how to view it and how to internalize movement and text and followingly express
this perception outside to the audience.”

Fischerová Ellen, Switzerland

“We had enchanting group of people, all coming from different countries,cultures, speaking different
languages and still working together. It was so good to exchange ideas, suggestions and skills in between the
classes and so good to meet lovely artistic people from all parts of the world.”

Kiran Pavaskar, India


How experienced do I have to be in order to apply?

Every application is considered individually. We are open for advanced and professional actors, performers, directors, dancers, choreographers. Please be clear in your application about your experience. Other than requesting a minimum age of 18 years old, we have no age limit.

How many people are there in each workshop?

The group size can vary depending on both the size of the studio and the type of workshop given.

What is the deadline for application?

We accept applications on the regular basis. However, it is suggested to apply early because the participation fee increases as the start dates of some educational programs approach.

Who covers my accommodation and travel costs?

ArtUniverse does not cover accommodation and travel costs.

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