People are used to the fact that scholarships are usually provided for long-term programs, but with ArtUniverse you can get a scholarship for individual educational events or projects and training courses. For example, a workshop in Berlin from NIPAI.

This 6-day workshop is called “DRAMATURGY OF PHYSICAL ACTION” and will take place on 8-13 August in Berlin. The workshop is a great resource for those who want to learn more about the processes involved in contemporary dance, movement or physical theatre performance.

The workshop is based on The Ostrenko Brothers’ Method, which has already been used in various drama schools and physical theatre training programs around the world. This is an innovative approach to performance that generates new productions using concepts and ideas with existing playtexts. This method focuses on technique as well as creativity for short rehearsals in multicultural settings where time is limited but talent isn’t.

The main reason why we provide scholarships for various formats of courses and events is to support the artists’ thirst for professional self-development at every opportunity. And what could be more important for an artist than to constantly develop his or her skills?

We believe that workshops are especially useful for the development of a performative artist due to its short duration and intensity. The “DRAMATURGY OF PHYSICAL ACTION” workshop is no exception – it will be an intense week full of new knowledge and experience.

We are happy to announce that ArtUniverse provides scholarships for the workshop up to 200 euros, which partially cover its payment. If you want to participate in this workshop, but the cost is holding you back, don’t hesitate to apply for our scholarship, fill in the application form:

For further information about the workshop visit: