Studying theatre directing abroad is the perfect way to get into a new culture and learn about their traditions.

When you study abroad, your education will take place within that society’s theatre tradition which means there are lots of opportunities for interaction with locals who may not otherwise be in contact! Theatre also helps us understand our own country better- we can see how different cultures communicate through performances on stage or readapt old practices like storytelling during downtime between scenes. Theatre offers an immersive experience, unlike any other form.

Almost every applicant is overtaken by fear and doubts, about whether it is worth leaving his/her native country and comfort zone to study. However, if your specialty is theatre directing, then it is definitely worth it. You’ll never get more cultural experience than on an educational adventure like this. Here are just a few of the advantages of applying to a university in another country for future theatre director:

1) Improve your performing “language” skills

The script in the productions of each theatre director is unique, but it is undeniably influenced by the culture of the region. And that is why, the larger the cultural area covered by the director during studies, the greater his/her creative horizons and the more multifaceted executive “language” of productions will be.

And what about traditional communication skills in another country, which will 100% increase many times over and help in longer professional communication.

2) Experience a different style of teaching

Another plus of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn from the best of the best artists from different parts of the world. And we are talking not only about workshops, classes, etc., but also about visiting various performances, exhibitions, concerts, etc., which will inspire your own creative experiments.

3) Enhance your network

The Internet has opened wide opportunities for new acquaintances and communication, however, no virtual world can replace live interaction with like-minded artists. Studying abroad will help you get to know and work in a team of the most diverse types of people, where you can get creative ideas and details in work from everyone and establish strong professional ties for the future.

4) Develop your confidence

By studying abroad, you will develop valuable life skills needed for personal growth including independence and adaptability. These abilities can give your confidence a boost in all areas of work or study as well! You may find yourself getting used to new situations that are certainly unexpected but rewarding when they come up – this is because taking on challenges often makes us stronger individuals who know how much power we really have at our disposal no matter what situation arises.

5) Discover career opportunities abroad

Studying in another country always carries with it the prospect of finding a job there or starting one’s own path as a director. If you plan to try your hand as a theatre director abroad, then before applying for studies, it is important to research and choose those countries where performative arts are maximally developed and open to new artists.

6) Financial support and exchange programs

Another aspect worth investigating. Usually, foreign students are provided with a large number of scholarships, grant programs are offered, and there is the possibility of a temporary educational exchange between educational institutions in different countries. All this can be found on the website of each university.

7) Get a degree that is respected worldwide

Receiving an education from famous foreign universities will give theatre directors not only knowledge and new experience but also a guarantee that the degree obtained will be respected by theatre professionals around the world. This can be helpful when trying to establish oneself in the theatre field on an international level.

So, these were some of the advantages of studying theatre directing abroad. If you have always dreamt of becoming a theatre director, then don’t let anything stop you and go for it! Who knows, maybe your creativity will bring new colors and emotions to the world theatre map!