It frequently happens that would-be students at the beginning of their quest for performing schools are unsure if they can obtain high-quality knowledge while still receiving financial aid, which is known as a scholarship. And here it is, the stage of applying for a dream scholarship!

For most candidates, however, it is a stressful experience owing to the fear of rejection or the burden of completing the application. While some people hold back, others just take action. So, here are some helpful hints for earning this sought-after scholarship for drama school.

▶️ First, and the most important, take action.

There will be disappointments and failures, but there are no ups without some downs. Experience, whatever it is, provides the proper growth and characteristics. Perhaps you will be the lucky one to receive a scholarship notice stating, “Congratulations! You have won a scholarship!” However, most applicants must take a dozen of attempts to demonstrate that their creativity and desire to study deserve the financial assistance.

▶️ Secondly, do not neglect a detailed study of the institution and its selection criteria, where you apply for a scholarship.

Look through all the information available on the website, talk to students who had won a scholarship for the institution. If you are well-informed about the application and understand what is expected, you are more likely to get it right.

▶️ When you begin filling out the application, write down your CV with past work experience, abilities, and talents.

It’s fine if you don’t have a lot of history behind you; however, it’s crucial for the organizers of the creative scholarship to see your potential and a committed interest in studying art of drama, directing, acting etc.

So, let’s start with the application. Success formula:

✴️ Attentively completed personal information + creativity, motivation, potential and desire – your answers to questions and your motivation letter should radiate them.

Be honest about everything you can do to demonstrate that you are the person who will bring your creative masterpieces to the world with the help of the scholarship.

▶️It is also very important to visualize your abilities.

Attach any documents, films, or other types of translation of your creative works that will verify your CV and become the major point in the institute’s consideration.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to apply for a scholarship; instead, try applying for ArtUni right now!

Act, take risks, create, develop and you will succeed!