In today’s world, among adult artists and amateurs, the trend towards lifelong professional development is growing. However, there is usually such a barrier as a financial one, which postpones training for “never”.

Low-paid work, family life and household issues do not allow you to improve your qualifications or change your profession with the help of additional education. But a performing artist, be it a director, actor, singer, choreographer, etc., needs to constantly develop, exploring new styles, techniques and innovative ideas for their creativity in performing arts.

Then where to get funding for your education?

You are stopped by one of the main stereotypes – scholarships are only for young people, but this is not true at all. The world is changing and your chances of getting a scholarship even at 100 years old are quite high (however, we do not deny that you will have to make an effort to prove your need and motivation for a scholarship).

The first thing we advise is to pay attention to regular scholarship programs, and not immediately run to look for grants for “non-traditional” students. After all, most scholarships in the performing arts are not limited to certain age limits, as we used to think.

Not only do you not lose out to younger students, but you also have an advantage due to the experience and knowledge that you can demonstrate in your resume and cover letter. These two aspects are critical and demonstrate your practical commitment to professional development that has come across funding needs.

There are many ways to find scholarships for adult learners. One way is through search engines where you can easily enter your criteria and have hundreds of options appear at once. You could also check with employers or clubs/organizations that offer discounts specifically geared towards adults who want higher education degrees – some even provide free courses outright if their requirements fulfill what’s needed. College websites often list financial aid resources available online while conducting research.

To make your search easier, we will reveal the “secret” that ArtUniverse is one of those scholarship organizations in the performing arts that provides educational financial support to adults without age restrictions. And everyone can get a partial scholarship for educational programs in such areas as theatre directing, movement directing, arts management and related areas.

One of the most optimal options for an artist who will combine studies with work and family responsibilities is online programs with scholarship support. This is a huge saving not only in accommodation costs but also in travel time and time spent on campus. Such programs include:

All limits are only in our heads, those who want, look for opportunities, and ArtUniverse gives these opportunities to those who are ready to develop and create. To receive a scholarship, fill out an application on the website.